In no particular order...

The quad in the chair

Web Site down

Hanna Barbera

Miss America getting drug tests

Climbers still out there

Email to the teachers

Alien Ant Farm

ebay stupids

Evil twins hacker

CO Deaths - 50 Somalis pulled the Weber's into the living room
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We talk about a whole bunch of shit.  But if you don't listen to anything we say - leave us an inspiring message for the troops.
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Panda Porn - Dead body in the mail - Fire at the Fire house - Monster Energy Drinks

206 973 F YOU
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Bitching about ipod software - Michael richards rant - Steelers suck - Email campaign to - The Davinci Code
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Viva Las Vegas - The GED - Zune Blows - PS3 fans blow harder

Give us a call - 206973FYOU
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Ms Sto speaks out - God damn DEMS!!  Rummy gone too!!!  Don't forget the party!!!!!

check out

damn......maybe I'll get laid tonight
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Going off on dumb shit as usual.  Check out Mitch Hedberg and the chocolate vagina
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More Billy Bob - The all new Lexus LS - Tom Mabe - A visit from Ben - A little more Billy Bob

206-973-FYOU (3968)
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The first 11 or 12 minutes of audio really stinks - I can't apologize enough - but the 30 minutes of interview with Billy Bob Neck from is worth it.  Be patient, and enjoy the show.  I had to get this out as soon as I could.

God is a 3 letter word.
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Little of this - Little of that - with a visit from Uncle Jeff
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