Sto Sr, Mike, and Jacquie in another episode of drunken debauchery.  Call Sto Jr and tell him to get off his lazy ass!!!
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Cookies and Milk  Lots of Listener feedback   Story time with Mike
Direct download: 93.mp3
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Junior has moved out    An 8 year old murderer confesses    Patenting the pyramids    Ass chewing as an art form     Hang over synapse lapse   
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Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one Lauren got a nose ring  Hooray for Obama  Booty  Wife Swap
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This episode we discuss another great show | Juniors wheels fall off | Lessons from the Bar | The Steelers | The Comedy of Jim Gaffigan | and a late night snippet that was too embarrassing to stand on its own.
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Accidental booger eating

Ranked choice voting

More adults back in school

Armageddon coming - stocks lost another 700 points Monday

State has gone to 4 day workweeks to save energy

Hometown post office renamed for fallen Stryker Ft Lewis soldier
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Paul Newman

Running vista computer crash

Got a Virus

Went to a wedding reception

What else happened - oh yeah - the US economy disintegrated.
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Just listen to it
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Oregon cops scan the thumbprint real time of a perp

Sarah Palin Action figure (Schoolgirl, Superhero in a miniskirt)

Pre loaded USB has Ghostbusters on it

Wi-Fi detector t-shirt

No image t-shirt

Localhost t-shirt

No place like

The BSOD T-shirt

Segue to the cigarette pack diaper story

Carload of chicks with the stereo

Homeless dude on the blackberry

BEV Promo

Gave her as right seein to…

Steelers missed the game

Drank all the JD/JB/Makers in the house

Three greatest Republican heroes are Jesus Elvis and FDR “not in that order

No feeling in your hand – getting strange’

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Smile in her eyes
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Detailed explanation of why, as a family, we really shouldn't be allowed to have motor vehicles.

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Trip to the strip club

Man found in basement covered in BBQ sauce

Reality TV update:

FISA debacle:

Black Hole
206 973 FYOU (3968)

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Hey George, Tell Lenny I said Hi.

206 973 FYOU (3968)
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206 973 FYOU

20-69-Pee You

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Send us an email or a voice mail guys!! 206 973 FYOU (3968)
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Same old show - sorry we were gone for so long.  Call us up at 206 973 FYOU (3968)
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You deleted WHAT??!!
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April fools day begins our third year on the interwebs

Archie Bunker
Fear of messing up may undermine interracial contact
G W Bush Sewage treatment plant

Penis Cheetos
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Jokes and a jail house improvised weapon.  Tell your friends and CALL US!!! 206 973 9368.
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Junior gets promoted - Power Thirst - General tomfoolery, douche-baggery, and Shenanigans.

206 973 FYOU (3968)
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We get a visit from some of Juniors buddies.

206 973 FYOU

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L. Ron Hoover and the First Church of Appliantology
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206 973 FYOU (3968)
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A former flame of Ted Bundy joins us
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