Who is your best friend, wife or dog.

Meet the natives

Audio of a fart and a pic of a turd on vzwpix

Burghseyeview iphone app available through itunes

Ordering pizza hut on my account

xbox Media Center
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Crazy amount of money for dead cops

Nice turd pic

House for sale

Weird News

Check out the mrch at www.cafepress.com/puckertime

Friend me on facebook
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See the dead Cop Killer at puckertime.com

Spice Gold

Charlie bit me

Weird News

Google goggles

Kim Jong Il Bans World Cup coverage unless N Korea wins

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best thing from yesterday: The Pittsburgh Steelers smash faces

sniper execution at 6PM Pacific.  His plea got denied because he is one fucked up

individual.  His motive was to extort 10 Million bucks to build a training camp in canada to

teach homeless kids to be terrorists

Seattle cop killer busted....DNA at a bandana that they found by the dead cops car, the gun

at his house, dna at police mobile precinct bombing

Evony. porn or what?


War Plan Red

Checked license plat for uber l33t

Roombas being hacked, Serial interface, Cell phone controlled roomba, Wii roomba, Line

following roomba, Graffiti roomba

Roomba book (hacking roomba extreme tech at amazon)

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No suppositories allowed

Contract marriage

School demographics

Get some new merchandise at hrrt://www.cafepress.com/puckertime

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Bad decision night

Blasphemy laws

Kissing cell phone

Ted vs the FCC (and The Mens Room)

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A visit to the mossy cottage

The Foster dog


The two-headed girl and what Oprah DIDN'T say


Bng dead rabbits for fuel

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Lungs are clear?  bullshit....check again!!

140 over 90

Having evil thoughts?  Start smokin' again

206 973 FYOU


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Planes, trains and automobiles

Wrestling Mayhem

Pittsburgh cops rock

Mineos Pizza

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Bleepin out Jesus


Bump top


206-973-FYOU (3968)

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Porn and strip clubs

I lied about the title

Call the cooment line

206 973 FYOU (9368)

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Grendon gets his first hernia check

TV time

Sons of anarchy

Operation repo is fake

Bautisti Direct Marketing

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Gone Fishing

Peeing on yourself

Zipos rule

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Best Wing Man EVER

T-Town Cobras

Michael Savage and his love of Mexicans

Junior gets some

Woodstock 40th anniversary

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Fat Freddy, Phineas, and Free-wheelin Franklin Freak

Road guard in thailand

Training wheels

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Texts from last night

Lesbian Fest

The Chiropractor

K J Sawka

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Heat wave
splash champ
fucked up news
Zone alarm web blackout
iTunes is a virus acording to AVG
Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, were remotely deleted from customers' Kindles overnight.

206 973 FYOU (3968)


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Our review of the latest few issues of cosmopolitan magazine
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Gay Penguins on the news  Memory Lane  The F/C/S word

Call the comment line at 206 973 FYOU (3968)



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College trip

Disposal and dishwasher

Credit card fraud

American airlines


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Iranian proxy server

Girls with cocks

Party at Megans

Gay Bikers

The maintenance club

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Selling tax exemptions

Blu Cigs

Zack off to the navy

Lauren Graduation

PURDY, Wash. -- A student presenting an essay at Peninsula High School in Purdy on Tuesday morning took out a marijuana joint, lit it, and began smoking it, police said.

Pike Place market fish toss


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The Red Bull Diet

Worst Resume ever

Give a speech - smoke a joint

General bullshittery, Tomfoolery, and shenanigans.

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Keith is in the house - returning from US Navy boot camp.
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Blacula  Guppy murder  Blu cigs  Comcast sucks  Jumping rope with a snake  The camera eye?  04:05:06 07/08/09
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Tyler and Karla visit the show
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No talent in America is proven by a visit to the set of Americas got talent
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Lauren can't drive for shit    I'm allergic to Jews    1400 applicants for 1 job      Sexting   

Call the comment line at 206 973 3968 - email at puckertime@gmail.com - http://www.puckertime.com

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SEALS - 3   Pirates - 0        Hide and go poop       Get a job with the CIA      Writing on Juniors forehead
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Jacquie gets in the spirit of April Fools.    Juniors 21st is around the corner.    I see dead people.     Whos gonna get it next year?


Call us at 206 973 FYOU (3968)  email:  puckertime@gmail.com

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Stoughton's coming out party....I am going to cry in the corner......
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Stoughton's coming out party....I am going to cry in the corner......
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Obama interview on leno  Muslim lady with the phone  FIFA to play in South  Steelers giving super Bowl trophies to detroit (yankees to Pirates)  World Baseball Classic  Poop Phone

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Uncle Hutch and his son Hutch III join us online and Mike pays another visit to the studio

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Write Grandma Joan an email.  puckertime@gmail.com  put "69" in the subject line.

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In this episode:

Was Lincoln a gay racist?

Get a quilt and a dildo at the Vermont Country Store

Count cards with your iPhone

Facebook is the devil

Brazilian Fart Porn

Show us some love at puckertime.com - puckertime@gmail.com - 206 973 FYOU (3968)

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Billy Bob Clip - from his radio show

Great production value - Stoughtons mike muted

Junior walgreen prank

Junior walks in on us

Keys in the car - Back in his thieving days

Life as a glove maker - how rosy his future is

Lombardi slap - best clip ever

Power of cheese - contains one of my favorite intros

Shirley and the grey pubes - Mike joins the show

Smoke weed everyday

Theft is an ok thing to do - Describing the arrest

Toast the shield of freedom

Tossin the salad

Junior Hygiene - Getting the Hemmroids inspection at MEPS
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Pittsburgh Steelers Lord of the Rings     Myron Cope is awesome       PIrates in the Caribbean     Roethenberg cannibal    Transvaginal kidney removal    Ashes to ashes - Fish to dust    Swatting    Insane Beat Box
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http://www.puckertime.com    puckertime@gmail.com   206-973-FYOU (3968)    C'mon peoples...get with the program

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Sorry about that folks...here is the WHOLE show.
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I got a free Seiko  Stolen bit from burghseyeview.com about Dock Ellis  Go Stillers  German Spies  MILF in the house
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Junior is back (finally) - a heart to heart with Dad - how to pierce your own dick
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