Bo Yo

Comment line is Fixed!!  206 973 3968

Battle of the Superfans


Jane Clark Park

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I will fix the phone line I promise.  Send us an email at

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We need some feedb ack people.  Gabe keeps sending us porn.  Red rain in the white house.   Jager bombs.  The same love of life and respect thereof that you have known to grow and love from the Puckertime crew.

206 973 3968

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Two in the pink

spaghetti story


Starbucks Americas favorite drug dealer

New warrior training adventure.

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Up on the Roofie

New facebook page

Do you believe that my being smarter or funnier has anything to do with my brain in this place?

Up on the Roofie

old dude at the bar - tig ole bitties

rick rolled the bar


Shit my Dad says should be about me or keiths dad.

Lauren ireland

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How To Eat Ramen Like A Puckertime Host

1.  Boil Water

2.  Eat Ramen

3.  Drink Boiling Water

4.  Snorth Flavor Packet

5. Fuck Bitches


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Gangsta downs syndrome kid.

Why do inspirational messages on facebook piss me off so bad

Caucosoids, Mongoloids and Negroids.

206-973-fyou (3968)


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Lingerie Football League - Burn baby burn - Whats the difference between an advil and an M&M - Magic 8 ball email

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We talk about the Emmy awards, idiots in the news, 5 smoke free days, and a sold house.

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A visit from our old friend Billy Bob.  Chasing old frieinds.  Tom foolery, debauchery, and shenanigans.


Send us an email at  Drop us a voice message at 206 973 FYOU (3968)

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