Jason returns!  Two shows in 8 days....is that some kind of record?  Show us some love at puckertime.com . senior@puckertime.com, jason@puckertime.com

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RIP Patrice Oneal

What is funny?

Purple Vaginas

Lombardi Slap Revisited




206 973 FYOU (3968)

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F**k the Unions

Another tasty tidbit of Jr/Sr Comedy.  Give us a shout out at 206 973 FYOU

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Call us up!!  206 973 FYOU

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Sunburn (Vicci lost)


Emo kid with Yamulka


Cat video


Rick Roll (web)


Tornado took his burger

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206-973 FYOU (3968)  senior@puckertime.com  junior@puckertime.com



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This is a show I did with Uncle Hutch while he was in Alabama.  If you like it check out www.burghseyeview.com

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New job


Free beer fridays


Weyerhaeuser kidnapping (toast)


Leave it to Beaver


Weiner gate


Glenn Beck's last show June 30th


Chinese hacked Google


Haters gonna hate

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Guest co-host John regales us with tales of a plane crash and disease.  Shoot us an email at senior@puckertime.com or Junior@puckertime.com

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Doug voice mail
Brit voice mail
Mothers day toast - One up the bum and you wont be a Mum
VIcci Martinez The Voice

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Sorry we were gone for so long.  Between some work travel I had to do and Juniors messed up work schedule we got behind.

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Same old shit....give us a call at 206 973 3968, email at senior@puckertime.com.

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Me-n-Junior bullshittin' again.



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Whole lotta shakin' going on

Another hour of the comedy stylings of Sto and Sto.

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We had to talk about Charlie Sheen - it's in our FCC License.

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Been a long time since we have done a show.  This show is mostly about you - the fans!!

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This is the Radio Broadcast from 1/20 with an AM news station out of Boston that picked up Grendon's story.

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Grendon the Superfan

Check out G-mans 15 minutes of fame.

Go Steelers

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Mobile Boner


Where are the emails and voice mails?

Jackin' off to clouds (again)

Peep show

Stillers update

Anti Jokes

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Listen to the show....you'll get it.



Tess - Jess the mess



Deadguy news

quit smoking fail

Gold rocks

Anti Jokes

Lottery with Grendon burn on Mom


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