RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

Watched you pee in your own face and smile

Kick stand (Library of Congress) 

video capture

253 292 2640

Thx to mediocre show for the shout

Watched you pee in your own face and smile

Kick stand

everybody wants a love note

Comedians in cars getting coffee.

New flashlight

pedophile vs pedarist

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RIP Patrice Oneal

What is funny?

Purple Vaginas

Lombardi Slap Revisited

206 973 FYOU (3968)

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F**k the Unions

Another tasty tidbit of Jr/Sr Comedy.  Give us a shout out at 206 973 FYOU

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Call us up!!  206 973 FYOU

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Sunburn (Vicci lost)


Emo kid with Yamulka


Cat video


Rick Roll (web)


Tornado took his burger

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206-973 FYOU (3968)



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This is a show I did with Uncle Hutch while he was in Alabama.  If you like it check out

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Guest co-host John regales us with tales of a plane crash and disease.  Shoot us an email at or

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Same old shit....give us a call at 206 973 3968, email at

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Whole lotta shakin' going on

Another hour of the comedy stylings of Sto and Sto.

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This is the Radio Broadcast from 1/20 with an AM news station out of Boston that picked up Grendon's story.

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