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Jan 26 2014

Episode 184 or 2.1

What have you been up to since April of 2012

Merry xmas 2012, 2013

Quit smoking

Strange tech gadgets

Vatican doves killed

10 Super Bowl facts

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New era begins!!  Check out Juniors 14 year old brother in his first podcast with Dad!!

Call us up at 206 973 FYOU

Let us know what you think about this one.

Don't forget to email your address so I can send you a FREE bumper sticker!

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Piracy is getting scary

Do black people see my name and say WTF?

British Game Shows

Robbing a sex shop

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Doug voice mail
Brit voice mail
Mothers day toast - One up the bum and you wont be a Mum
VIcci Martinez The Voice

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Sorry we were gone for so long.  Between some work travel I had to do and Juniors messed up work schedule we got behind.

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Me-n-Junior bullshittin' again.



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We had to talk about Charlie Sheen - it's in our FCC License.

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Been a long time since we have done a show.  This show is mostly about you - the fans!!

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Grendon the Superfan

Check out G-mans 15 minutes of fame.

Go Steelers

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I will fix the phone line I promise.  Send us an email at

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